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Ready to remodel but not sure where to start?
We can help.

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Find the help you need to get your project done right with Mid-Priced Remodel. If you are searching for home services we can quickly get you connected with specialists across a number of categories. Tell us about your project and we will get you in touch with professionals.


  • Get connected fast

  • Find specialists in your area

  • Get a quote

  • Residential and Commercial


You’re one step away from connecting with a specialist who can talk with you about your project and connect resources to your needs.

  1. Submit one easy form.

  2. Connect with a local specialist.

  3. Get a quick quote.

  4. Hire a trusted professional from the Mid-Priced Remodel Network.

  5. Enjoy your completed home project.

  6. Submit a form to tell us about your project!


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If you are looking to do a kitchen, bathroom, addition, basement conversion...or anything in-between, we are here to help.


At Mid-Priced Remodel, we are your local go-to resource for home projects. We connect homeowners to trusted mid-priced remodeling contractors from within our Mid-Priced Remodel Network (MPRN).


  • Quick quote

  • Local trusted professional connections

  • Residential and commercial projects


Unlike large national lead-generation companies who sell your information to multiple un-vetted contractors, who might give you risky low-ball offers or extremely high priced bids, our boutique team of local experts connects you to the right pro’s to meet your need AND your budget. We provide a local professional expert on the phone who is always happy to help. We partner with a variety of MPRN partners so we can always match you with the help you need when you submit a home improvement request.

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How it Works

  1. Submit one easy form— Tell us about your project and where you live.

2. Connect with a local specialist — You will be contacted (usually within 24 hours), to discuss your project and schedule an in-home consultation.

3. Get a quick quote — Your specialist is happy to discuss typical prices and industry trends over the phone (it can be difficult to navigate this by searching the internet!). Most of the MPRN professionals provide same-day estimates after meeting you at your home. 

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